Chris Flegg

Chris Flegg is based in St Albans, Herts and not only plays jazz guitar but is a singer songwriter on the acoustic and folk scene with three albums of original songs to date, the latest being The Sound Of Life. Previous jazz recordings include Moving On, an album of original pieces for jazz quartet, in which John Rees-Jones also features on bass. Chris mainly performs locally in St Albans with sax and bass in a jazz context or solo as a singer guitarist. He runs a monthly jazz jam session and enjoys charity busking in support of the British Heart Foundation.

Chris Flegg was born in Eastleigh, Hampshire which is situated five miles north of the coastal city of Southampton.

A self taught musician, like so many in the sixties, Chris learned to play guitar using

Bert Weedon’s “Play In A Day”. With his new found music knowledge, he set about honing his skills by playing the chart hits of the era in a local Hampshire group called ‘The Air Raiders’.

Following his education at Barton Peveril Grammar School he moved to London to study physics at Imperial College in South Kensington, taking with him an acoustic guitar traded for his much loved electric guitar. Once settled in this new environment, Chris made contact with other student musicians and explored the local music scene.

He did not have to look far as the ‘Troubadour Club’ was close by in the Earls Court district of West London. This now legendary venue situated at 265 Old Brompton Road first opened its doors in 1954 and is still going strong, now occupying numbers 263-267. From its early incarnation as a folk venue and ‘counter culture den of creativity’ it has withstood the test of time.

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