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Born in Venezuela, raised in Illinois, and now residing in Boston, composer and bassist Chris Mondak, just 22 years of age, already has amassed vast experience in jazz. Chris has studied with bass luminaries Cecil McBee, Dave Holland, and Larry Gray, and performed with the likes of Shelly Berg, Melanie Charles, Dave Douglas, Wayne Escoffery, Wycliffe Gordon, Jeff Hamilton, Jesus Molina, Matt Savage, and Marvin Stamm.

Chris has toured extensively in the U.S., playing with the Jazz band of America, Cincinnati pop/R&B vocalist Emmaline, Chicago rock band Rev Gusto, and his own jazz combo West of Staley. Chris also has performed in Australia, Mexico, and Panama, and he has toured twice throughout China as a member of the Nextgen Jazz Quartet.

As a composer, Chris wrote all of the tracks on his solo CD Eternal Youth, and he contributed tracks to the Nextgen Jazz Quartet's CD Starlight, West of Staley's You Gotta Start Somewhere, and his high school rock band NxT's release Sounds Familiar. In 2019, Chris performed at the Hengqin Cup Jazz Competition in Zhuhai, China, and Chris's composition “Always Smiling” received 1st place as the festival's top original composition.



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Album Eternal Youth by Chris Mondak

Eternal Youth

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