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Christer Fredriksen

Christer Fredriksen played in several settings as a freelance musician for many years. He is educated with a Performing Masters in Rhythmical Music from the University in Agder and he has completed much research on sound; how different electric guitarists create their sound. In fact, he plays through self-made guitar amplifiers. He comes out as a guitar player and composer with a distinctive stamp on his sound and with an ability to tell stories through his music.

In 2011 Christer finally released his first self titled CD “Urban Country”. Urban Country is a title that refers to a musical description of an urban scenery. The CD was mixed and mastered in Rainbow Studio by Jan Erik Kongshaug. Christer Fredriksen's music is instrumental, can be defined as jazz, but has clear elements of other musical styles. As a guest on this recording, is the renowned saxophone player Bendik Hofseth, known from Mike Manieri's Steps Ahead. Bendik adds his well known lyrical touch to Christer's compositions.


Nocaster tele style guitar, 1950s Fender pro clone

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Guitar, electric

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Advanced only

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