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Amsterdam-based German jazz pianist Christian Pabst presents his third trio album: INNER VOICE. Working with an international lineup, Pabst and his long-term companions Marco Zenini (IT) on bass and Erik Kooger (NL) on drums have concocted eight originals sparkling with pure sound, lyric moods and thrilling improvisation. The press, when talking about Pabst, occasionally use attributes like „lyricist at the piano“ and „outstanding musical poet“. This might be due to the fact that his music is always based on a story, a very personal story in his mind: Pabst, who is also a seasoned movie score composer, sees himself as a programmatic narrator, thinking in pictures while writing and performing. In a certain way, this leads to virtual soundtracks that need no movie to accompany them. Thus Christian Pabst and his trio, who have their roots in the freedom of jazz, take the listener into the land of „cinematic sound“ where inventively composed passages alternate with expressive parts full of interaction and magical improvisation. Pabst, Zenini and Kooger combine the most diverse artistic and cultural influences into a unified musical poetry. The result, notwithstanding it‘s virtuosity and complexity, always remains tuneful and, beyond the boundaries of the jazz genre, appeals to the minds and hearts of listeners with all kinds of musical tastes.

Christian Pabst started his career as a performer by joining the BuJazzO (the German Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra) as their piano player, gaining experience from the collaboration with artists like Jiggs Wigham, Ed Partyka, Mike Herting, Dennis Russel-Davies, Niels Klein and Julia Hülsmann. For more than a decade he has been living in Amsterdam, and he works on all the big international stages, appearing in a great variety of projects. In 2011 he released his debut trio album (“Days of Infinity” feat. Gerard Presencer), followed by the sophomore “Song of Opposites” in 2014, which presents a big lineup with strings and horn sections. During the past few years concert tours have brought him to the USA, New Zealand, Australia and all over Europe. Downbeat critic Scott Yanow describes Pabst‘s playing as „connected to that of the greats of straight ahead jazz“ and nevertheless „original and personal“.

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”Brillant and deeply emotional” Musenblätter, Germany

“Pabst is a virtuoso on his instrument.” Der Kultur Blog, Germany

“Poetic, introverted and with great intimacy (…) deep, sophisticated but never over-complicated jazz aesthetics”

“a mysterious soundworld whose fundament is an intriguing balance between composition and improvisation”

“Days of Infinity is the group’s debut disc, and it resonates with the sound of a group that knows what it’s about. (...) On the disc, the trio functions impressively as a driving rhythm section

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