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As child, all that Christian knew was Music. A Profusion of music. Christian sang before he could talk, when he was 3 years of age. Then he entered his first competition ever. Consequentially came the music school for 7 years followed by the Boys Choir for 10 years.

Christian spent a great number of years in music school with as series of strict piano teachers. He always found the will and fortitude to keep going. The love of music within him has been always the dominant power in his life. He realised this quite early (that music was his calling) and this has materialised itself by attending the Tallinn Georg Ots Music High School (Estonia), where he specialised in choral conducting. The fascination with classical music styles of Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt (to name but a few) remain etched in his brain and serves until this very day as his inspiration source when he goes about to arrange a piece of music.

After college Christian has been admitted to the Tallinn Theatre and Music Academy (Estonia). The following 2 years in the academy helped Christian realise that having to perform exactly what’s written – or as Leonard Bernstein called it: “Exact Music” - is not his heart’s true calling. He needed a place for improvising. He needed a place for his own interpretation and take on pieces of music. He needed his musical freedom.

That led to Christian being exposed to the music of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, after one of his acquaintances bought a CD with their music. The rest followed. Christian listened to it by “coincidence”. Then he was hooked. Sinatra’s “Sunny side of the Street” was the angler. His fascination with Vocal Jazz grew after listening to the works of Nat “King” Cole, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and the likes.

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“Christian is a breath of fresh air. With his velvety voice and impressive stage presence, I have no doubt he will continue and reach notable musical achievements”—— Ari Davidovich, Filmmaker, Hypermedia

”A classic crooner for the modern era... Christian's voice has a timelessness that feels both nostalgic and new, and is - above all - simply lovely.” —— Halie Loren, Grammy Nominated Jazz Vocalist, USA

”Very classy and sophisticated – these words best describe the voice of Christian Schönberg, and what a voice! I predict big things ahead for this emerging talent

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Primary Instrument

Voice / vocals



Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced


I am able to give music lessons to vocalists, either in Amsterdam or in Leiden, mostly afternoon-evening hours. Rates are negotiable




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