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Christopher Rizzo

Hello, and thanks for checking out my info. I have been playing guitar for 32 years. Currently, I am searching for a violinist and an upright bassist to form as acoustic jazz trio. The material includes several songs by the Rite Of Strings, classic songs performed in a jazz style, a round of solo's and possibly some original material.

For ten out of the past twelve years, I played guitar/bass in a local blues band, performing cover songs by SRV, Roy Buchanan, Robert Cray, Gary Moore, Smokin Joe Kubek, etc., as well as some original material. Just recently have I found a committed, long term study and goal in jazz. I am self taught, which has some pro's and con's. On the down side, I can't read music in a fluent or useful manner. However, on the up side, my ears are very gifted and can emulate recorded material very accurately.

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