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Christopher Rizzo

Hello, and thanks for checking out my info. I have been playing guitar for 32 years. Currently, I am searching for a violinist and an upright bassist to form as acoustic jazz trio. The material includes several songs by the Rite Of Strings, classic songs performed in a jazz style, a round of solo's and possibly some original material.

For ten out of the past twelve years, I played guitar/bass in a local blues band, performing cover songs by SRV, Roy Buchanan, Robert Cray, Gary Moore, Smokin Joe Kubek, etc., as well as some original material. Just recently have I found a committed, long term study and goal in jazz. I am self taught, which has some pro's and con's. On the down side, I can't read music in a fluent or useful manner. However, on the up side, my ears are very gifted and can emulate recorded material very accurately.

If you interested in the jazz trio or just want further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.