Chris Weigers Chris Weigers

Chris is a veteran of many music environments having played with such artists as: Lothlorien, Ken Makanda McIntyre, Jaki Byard, John Abercrombie, Paula Atherton, Don Celenza, The Zen Trickster's, The Jim Pin Band, Satya, Willie Steel, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, and Eastern Standard Time, to name a few. He studied privately with Richard Davis and attended SUNY Old Westbury under Ken Makanda McIntyre earning a B.A. in 1982. The “Horizons” cd showcases Weigers' compositions, bass playing, and teamwork as the music allows all participants to shine. ArushA “Look Up” is Chris' debut as a bandleader. The music features several compositions by Weigers and two songs by guitarist/vocalist Dave Diamond. The goal here is to bring together elements of R & B, Jazz, and Ska to form a style that is at once fun, positive, and musically satisfying, while always being danceable as well.


MTD 6-string fretless electric, Tobias 6-string fretted electric,Tyrolian double bass circa 1890, also Sadowsky 5-string fretless, Modulus 5-string fretted, Fender Jazz 4-fretless, Fender Precision 4-fretted Walter Woods and SWR amplifiers, SWR cabinets 2x10 and 4x10


Primary Instrument


Willing to teach

Beginner to advanced


Over 20 years private teaching experience on both electric and double bass. Call for availability and current rates.

Clinic/Workshop Information

(1) "The Group Dynamic" I perform with my group ArushA as part of a performance/clinic day at schools or music camps. We discuss the interplay between musicians that allows for a successful group. We coach students with their jazz band or school band. Each band member is an accomplished educator as well as an experienced musician

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