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Saxophonist Chuck Anderson Saxophonist Chuck Anderson

Inspiring, soul-stirring, and transforming…these are some of the words that come to mind when describing the heart and music of Saxophonist Chuck Anderson. A statuesque, yet a very demure presence, Chuck plays that saxophone like there is no tomorrow. He states, “My musical purpose is to create an atmosphere by which the Spirit of God can move upon and enlighten His people and bring about change in every area of their lives; spiritually and naturally.”

Born into a lineage of musicians, medical professionals, and military personnel, Chuck had an array of professions and crafts from which to choose. He graciously embraced music and the radiology profession. His mother was a church pianist and a nurse, and his father was a military man who enjoyed farming as a hobby. Chuck’s mother greatly influenced his decision to become a musician. She taught him to read music at an early age and supported him in his decision to play the saxophone. Chuck took hold of this powerful instrument and ended up “blowing” his way into a full, two-year music scholarship.

Chuck enjoys entertaining and ministering in churches, theaters and other venues. He has been on the regional scene for a while canvassing his latest CD, “Walk with Me,” but now he is breaking forth into the national scene with upcoming venues to include Tacoma, Washington & Memphis, TN. Chuck has played before audiences of 500 to 1000 people and opened for 8-time Grammy nominated Jazz Saxophonist, Kirk Whalum. Anderson’s musical influences include world-renowned Jazz Artists Greats such as John Coltrane, Sonny Stitt, and Horace Silver. Keep your ears tuned to the music ministry of Chuck Anderson.

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