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Claire McAllister Claire McAllister

After spending 13 years performing in function bands, jazz bands and duos in a huge range of venues both private and public and singing material from pop through jazz standards to contemporary jazz I am delighted to welcome you to my own compositions with my debut album.

I am influenced by classical and jazz music but am very drawn to contemporary jazz/folk such as Lauren Kinsella; singer-songwriters such as David Sylvian, Kate Bush and Laura Mvula and spoken word poets performing sometimes to music such as Kate Tempest and Selena Godden.

The themes of this album are Belonging/Not Belonging; Finding your voice and Not having a Voice. These are universal themes, particularly for those experiencing displacement and of course, in our personal search for purpose and meaning in life.

Sometimes you have something to say and you’re not allowed to say it, sometimes you have a forum and find you have no voice. Belonging and not belonging are powerful human states which can affect us deeply and I guess we are all looking for home on different levels. Perhaps home is ultimately related to how we feel inside.

I hope that the songs have some meaning and that you can connect on some level with them.

I am accompanied by Giuliano Parisi on piano, Julio Fuster on bass and Pere Munuera on drums. Recording Elefante studios, Valencia, Spain; mixing and mastering by Digby Smith at TQ1 studios Devon, England.

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