Clarinet Summit

Clarinet Summit

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Theo Jorgensmann

Label: Jazzwerkstatt
Released: 2018
Duration: https://
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Track Listing

1) Viva il vino spumeggiante (05:45) 2) Achim Wenner (04:13) 3) October (07:02) 4) Short sellers squeeze (09:38) 5) You better fly away (09:44) 6) Hymnus (10:58) 7) Jink jump love & peace (03:33) 8) Rastafari (07:31) 9) Django chained (08:52)


Gianluigi Trovesi, alto clarinet; Perry Robinson, Bb clarinet and whistle (on Rastafari); Annette Maye, Bb clarinet and bass clarinet (only on Django Chained); Bernd Konrad, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and soprano sax ( on Achim Wenner). Albrecht Maurer, violin, voice; Sebastian Gramss, bass; Günter Baby Sommer, drums and Theo Jörgensmann, Bb clarinet and G low clarinet (on Django Chained).

Album Description

Clarinet Summit live at Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium in Frankfurt/Main, Germany in 2015. Django Chained was recorded at Altstadtschmiede in Düsseldorf, Germany 2016.

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