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Classic American Film Scores 1956-2016

Classic American Film Scores 1956-2016

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David Amram

Label: Moochin' About
Released: 2016
Views: 1,137

Track Listing

CD 1:
Theme from the Manchurian Candidate (Jazz Version); Cantina Latina; Theme from the Manchurian Candidate (Orchestral Version); Queen Of Diamonds; John Birch Lurch (Politicians On Parade); Unrequited Love; Slightly Manchurian Blues; Dare to Dream; Home Again 1952; A Night in the Garden; Some Soul from Seoul; Summer Affair/Wiggin' Out in Central Park; Return of a Hero; Theme & Finale.
CD 2:
Theme Music from Splendor in the Grass; The Bash Before the Crash; High School Prom Dance 1925; Everybody's Wild About Mabel; Kansas 1920; One More Dance; Splendor in the Grass; Anatolia; Love Is Never Out of Style; Mountain Snow; Sunny Days; Blue Tomorrow; Zephyr March of the Nicotine Fields; Old Country Soul; Other Dreams; Childhood Dreams; Definitely Blue; Ancestral Dreams; Kazoo Story; Anatolia.
CD 3:
Pull My Daisy (Film); Pull My Daisy (Vocals - Lynn Sheffield); Las Muchachas Delicadas; Switchblades on Parade; Harold's Way Out; Subway Sounds; True Blue; Funeral March and Requiem; The Last Taco; Rooftops; Later with the Elevator; Help!; Theme from the Young Savages; Echo of an Era.
CD 4:
Waltz from After the Fall; Act I: Prologue; Blues on the Waterfront; Dare to Dream; Mas Mano; Neighbourhood Dreams; All My Love; Act 2: Prologue; Muy Caliente; Rooftops of New York; Epilogue.
CD 5:
Prologue; Joan's Theme; Descaraga; Blue Monday (Viola & Piano); Funky Sax; Joan's Theme (String Version); Steak House; Sailing Past a Buoy Montage; Monastery; String Quartet & Pizzicato; Death Scene I; Blue Monday; Fast Blues; Escape; Guitar Duo; Dixie in New York; Death Scene II; Blue Monday (Swing); Take oh... take thy lips Away; Sermon; Dance.


David Amram: corno, pianoforte, flauti etnici, ocarina contrabbassa, percussioni; Joe Gordon (CD1), Carmell Jones (CD1), Kevin Lewis (CD2 #1-7), Thad Jones (CD2 #8-20), Jimmy Owens (CD4 #2-11), Chris Geckker (CD4 #2- 11), Stanton Davis (CD5): tromba; Lou Blackburn (CD1), Dick Leith (CD1), Earl McIntyre (CD2 #1-7, CD5), Slide Hampton (CD4 #2-11): trombone; Buster Bailey (CD2 #1-7): clarinetto; Alex Foster (CD5): clarinetto, sax alto; Paul Horn (CD1): sax alto, flauto; Patience Higgins (CD2 #1-7), Jerry Dodgion (CD2 #8-20, CD3 #1-2, CD 4 e 5), Sahib Shihab (CD3 #1-2), Paquito D'Rivera (CD5): sax alto; Erik Lawrence (CD5): sax alto, tenore e baritono; Harold Land (CD1, CD3 #3-13), George Barrow (CD2, CD3 #14): sax tenore; Jack Nimitz (CD1): sax baritono e basso; Pepper Adams (CD3 #1-2, CD4 #1): sax baritono; Howard Johnson (CD5): tuba; Eddie Wilcox (CD2 #1-7), Cecil Taylor (CD3 #14): pianoforte; Laurindo Almeida (CD3 #3-13), Gene Bertoncini (CD4 #2-11, CD5), Vic Juris (CD4 #2-11, CD5): chitarra; Larry Parker (CD4 #2-11): violino; Michael Rudiakou (CD4 #2-11): violoncello; Jimmy Bond (CD1), Arthur Phipps (CD3 #1-2-14), George Morrow (CD3 #3-13), Lyle Atkinson (CD4 #1), Victor Venegas (CD4 #2-11, CD5), Rene Hart (CD5): contrabbasso; Jerome Harris (CD5): basso elettrico; Al Harewood (CD3 #1-2-14, CD4 #1), Leon Petties (CD3 #3-13), Akira Tana (CD4 #2-11), Kevin Twigg (CD5): batteria; Ali Hafid (CD2 #8-20): percussioni; Candido (CD3 #1-2, CD4), Adam Hamram (CD5): congas; Jack Kerouac (CD3 #1-2): voce narrante; Lynn Sheffield (CD3 #1-2), Anita Ellis (CD3 #1-2): voce; altri non indicati.


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