Claudia Vorbach

Claudia Vorbach

Instrument: Vocalist | Location: Stuttgart

[Vorbach's sound is] powerful, deep and expressive, sometimes a bit smoky, bluesy, and soulful.
—Tagblatt Anzeiger

Updated: December 12, 2019

Claudia Vorbach is a singer-songwriter and a jazz vocalist that comes from Tübingen, Southern Germany. Jazz, Folk and Blues is crossing her songwriting.

She grew up in a musical home with Jazz and classical music. She took piano lessons and learned guitar playing as a self-educator. Later on she developed her voice with different teachers. Mainly the Jazz Vocalist Freddy Wilkes and then Fola Dada, both in Germany.

“Miss Authentic” one of her fellow musicians has called her, a nickname that expresses an essential feature of her music. The way she sings makes you feel her passionate urge to get across to the audience what she herself feels about her songs.

For her each song has a kind of impetus which she wants to follow while composing the music. Thus, she crosses musical and stylistic boundaries.

She made her debut album “Come Down Easy” (Phonector) in April 2015.

The second album called “Is There A Time?” (Release 12-21-18 by phonector) is including 14 Titels, all written and arranged by Claudia Vorbach, sounds more jazzy than the previous one. This may depend on her composing and on the changed line-up from her band: again she is accompanied by Axel Kuehn- double bass, Felix Schrack- drums and this time on piano and fender rhodes Martin Soeroes. All of them young Jazz musicians from southern Germany.

Pianist Martin Soeroes won the “Czech Jazz Contest” and made the third place in “The New York Jazz Competition” with the Jan Prax Quartett in 2014.

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”The voice of the young Tübingen singer Claudia Vorbach sounds completely self-evident and natural, which makes her debut album a delightful pleasure. (...) Especially bass player Axel Kühn has a wonderfully warm and earthy sound on the album and is able to give every song an extra kick. Vorbach herself, who also plays guitar from time to time, doesn't need vocal contortions - she hits the notes, whether tomboyish storming forward as in the title song or soft and intimate as in the duet with Kühn called “Circuitous Ways” with almost tantalising nonchalance. “ (Rolf Thomas 09-2015, “Come Down Easy” album review from the german magazine Jazz Thing.) You find the complete review (in german) here:

Link to “Is There A Time?” review on All About Jazz in Bailey's Bundles “Ten Artists:April 2019”:

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