A workshop devoted to artisan sound and vision performance, Nichelodeon was born from a nucleus of compositions written around 1997 by the singer and composer, Claudio Milano. His compositions have been presented in Europe and in countries outside Europe (Moscow -- The First Biennial Fair of Contemporary Art in 2005, The International Festival of Theatre Research in the Slovenian Republic in 2004. CRT Milano 2004) during theatre shows, dance exhibitions, short feature films, video installations, performance and expositions, in the form of a recital entitled “The room plays what I do not see”. In September 2007, the first official formation of the project was created, with Francesco Zago electric guitarist, Maurizio Fasoli pianist, recipe readings from the book “The science of Cooking and the Art of Eating Well” by Pellegrino Artusi, Riccardo di Paola at the synth, Claudio Milano voice, video contributions by Marc Vincent Kalinka and sculptures from the studio “letestedimary”, exhibits in Milan (at the Spazio Tadini, Villa Litta, Spazio Sirin and various other clubs of this nature) all animated by a live cd-r “Cinemanemico”, which has obtained more than a hundred positive articles in specialized magazines, newspapers, webzines and in radio talk shows all over the world. In June 2008 “Cinemanemico” was among the winners of the Review in honour of Demetrio Stratos and participated in the project Factory Art, dedicated to John Cage's work; “Cinemanemico” was selected by a jury of the Progawards for the nomination of the year as “Best debut album”. In 2009 the band recorded a video document entitled “Cinemanemico DVD” with composer Luca Olivieri at the synth, glockenspiel and programming taken over by Riccardo di Paola, the scenic appearances inspired by the Theatre of the Absurd with actress Manuela Tadini and the video contributions by producer Charles Napier (author of the band's first videoclip “Ciò che rimane/All that's left “). The proof was made in one single copy, some extracts of which are available on numerous channels and net works dedicated to the project.

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' … un art rock visionario e composto, aperto a improvvise e disturbanti sferzate elettriche, spesso giocato su cantilenanti e asimmetrici archi melodici impostati dal pianoforte di Maurizio Fasoli…' Guido Festinese, Il Manifesto/Alias, 13 Dicembre 2008

'Un’ opera complessa che stravolge qualunque genere musicale. Nichelodeon è vera e propria espressione dell’arte.' Daniele Orlandi, La Voce, Aprile 2009

'...musica per la mente, con atmosfere astrali, inquietanti progressioni, squarci lirici del canto, limpide cadenze del pianoforte e nebulosi intrecci sonori...un disco dal respiro internazionale...' Luca Salmini, Buscadero, Novembre 2008

'...Alta caratura delle performance vocali tra esperimenti alla Stratos, schegge di cantautorato evoluto e ricercatezza delle partiture anche in ambito cameristico...' Enrico Ramunni, Rockerilla 333, Giugno/Luglio 2008

'Gotico, lirico e teatrale.' Dioniso Capuano, Blow Up

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Il gioco del silenzio

Il gioco del silenzio

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