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Click Track Jazz: Slave to the Machine Vols 1 & 2


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Mark Guiliana

Label: Seed Music
Released: 2013
Views: 692

Track Listing

[Volume 1] 1. Belt Parkway; 2. Boxing Day; 3. Conglomorate; 4. Funkify Sesame Street; 5. Marshmallows; 6. Devotional; 7. Compression is Your Friend; 8. I Still Got It; 9. Ditty; 10. Oh Yeah; 11. Flypaper; 12. Solo Piece; 13. China Takes Over; 14. Stop I want To Get Off. [Volume 2] 1. 2012; 2. Neu Neu; 3. Giant Steps; 4. Waiting for the Computer to Take Over; 5. The Show Must Go On; 6. QY70; 7. Rotovibe; 8. Technocalypse; 9. Mark is Enough; 10. Special When Lit; 11. Superarc; 12. Neu Neu Blow; 13. I'll Face Ya 11:01.


[Volume 1]: Mark Guiliana (batteria), Orlando Leflemming (contrabbasso), Jochen Rueckert (batteria), Matt Penman (contrabbasso), James Muller (chitarra), Donny McCaslin (sax tenore), James Muller (chitarra), Wayne Krantz (chitarra), Nate Wood (chitarra), Jeff Hanley (contrabbasso), Keith Carlock (batteria), Kristen Berardi (voce), Andrew Gander (batteria), Matt Clohesy (contrabbasso), Nate Wood (chitarra), Mark Shim (Ewi) [Volume 2]: Sean Wayland: tastiere, pianoforte, mixing. Con: Mark Guiliana (batteria), Keith Carlock (batteria), Orlando Leflemming (batteria), John Rueckert (batteria), Matt Penman (contrabbasso), Michael Valeanu (chitarra), Jeff Hanley (basso elettrico).


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