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From Julie's downstairs try

From Julie's downstairs try by Christophe Gervot

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Christophe Gervot

Label: unreleased for now
Released: 2019
Duration: 02:14:00
Views: 122

Track Listing

From Julie's downstairs try 1; From Julie's downstairs try 2; From Julie's downstairs try 3; Full length composing from Julie's downstairs try


Additional Personnel / Information

Christophe Gervot : piano

Album Description

This is a project that is based on an imaginary 9 years old child's piano try. The idea was to make 3 tracks from 2 improvised piano tracks of my own, three different times, then to make a longer fourth track with them. It was made during summer of 2019.


Album uploaded by Christophe Gervot


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