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¡Coño! (But With A Swing)

¡Coño! (But With A Swing)

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La Cocodrila

Label: DLT Creative Productions LLC
Released: 2018
Duration: 46:45.28
Views: 45

Track Listing

(01) Bop Bop Bop Bop (02) Dulce y Caliente (03) Luna (04) Tres Mañanas (05) El Sudor (06) Oya's Funk (07) Turrón (08) ¡Coño! (But With A Swing) (09) Resuelve (10) Monedas (11) Baile Cubano


Composed, performed and produced by Deborah De La Torre, pianist With: Ron Bland (bass) and Thomas A. Blomster (percussion) And: Patricia Surman (flute), Randy Runyan (trumpet), Dave DeMichelis (electric guitar) and Rodney Farrar (cello)

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