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Conrado Paulino

The style of guitarist, composer and arranger Conrado Paulino is an original fusion of three major musical schools. The first one embraces the repertoire of Brazilian music, a universe from which his creative basis takes its shape. The second one reveals itself in a jazzy influence that becomes conspicuous in its harmonically modern concept and its ample space for improvisation on his arrangements. The last one is the utilization of classical guitar techniques, notably in his use of arpeggios and counter-melodies. In short, a great mixture of Brazilian repertoire, jazzy language and classical techniques

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“...Sophistication, good taste, musical sense and talent are a trademark of Conrado, who reveals the beauty of instrumental brazilian music to its maximum expression.” [David Hepner, Guitar Player Magazine Brazil]

“ like an effortless blend of Joe Pass and Baden Powell” [Fabio Carrilho, Violão PRO Magazine]

”...a top level guitarist ... his profile combines elements from Jazz, Samba and popular Brasilian music, along with a flawless classical guitar technique” [Lechu Gomez Aguirre, El Observador Journal, Uruguay]

“How long was I unaware of your art? I've wasted so much time! [...] I am honored to talk about the great master you are

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Primary Instrument

Guitar, acoustic

Willing to teach

Advanced only

Clinic/Workshop Information

Conrado Paulino taught in several master classes and clinics in venues such as:

EUM Escuela Universitaria de Musica de la Universidad de la República - Montevideo, Uruguay
ULM: Universidad Livre de Música del Estado de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brasil)
EMT: Escola de Música e Tecnologia (São Paulo, Brasil)
ICUB: Instituto Cultural Brasileiro-Uruguayo (Montevideo, Uruguay)
EPM: Escuela Popular de Música (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Escola Talhentus (Arapiraca, AL, Brasil)
Casa da Cultura (Amparo, SP, Brasil)
EMU Educacion Musical (La Plata, Prov.BA, Argentina)
TodoMúsica (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Escola Violão Studio (Sorocaba, SP, Brasil)
CLAM (São Paulo, Brasil)
Souza Lima/Berklee (São Paulo, Brasil)
Auditório do Colégio (Viçosa, CE, Brasil)
Tamaba Instituto Terciário (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Casa da Cultura Dide Brandão(Itajaí, SC, Brasil)
SESC Consolação (São Paulo, Brasil)
and others

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