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Curtis Andrews

Curtis Andrews is a Canadian musician with global persuasions.

He creates music that is informed by his many years of experience with West African, South Indian and traditions yet transcends any neat box to fit into. In Decemeber 2008 he released his first record entitled “The Offering of Curtis Andrews”, a collection of 12 original pieces that draw from his studies and travels in Asia, Africa and at home in North America. Already it is gaining steady praise as some of the most original and refreshing music to come out of Newfoundland in a long, long time. Consisting of drumset, percussion, mridangam (South Indian classical drum), Ewe percussion (West African), electric bass, electric guitar, trumpet, alto/tenor sax, vibraphone and Fender Rhodes, the pieces themselves range from the virtuosic and mind-bending to soothing and meditative. Listen with open ears, mind and heart and you will not be disappointed.

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”Engaging, uplifting and warmly human.” Exclaim Magazine
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The Offering of Curtis Andrews

The Offering of...

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Curtis Andrews
The Offering of Curtis Andrews



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