Cynthia Hilts

Instrument: Piano

Born: November 14

What's in a name? Quite a bit when it comes to the handle of composer and pianist Cynthia Hilts’s intriguing octet, Lyric Fury. As the name suggests, her writing is defined by powerful contrasts. She likes to build from long, meditative passages to explosive endings. The tried and true technique of tension (and more tension) and release seldom yields more satisfaction or surprise.

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”Cynthia Hilts is a multifaceted, multitalented artist. She is a phenomenally gifted pianist...This lady can write some terrific, refreshingly new songs and then deliver not only the piano portion but also the lyrics with her dusky, sexy voice.” —

”Cynthia Hilts, as mentioned, is true to the bebop tradition with nods to the masters, yet remains uniquely individualistic in style and substance.” —

”She plays with the same kind of beauty that Herbie Hancock and Dave Brubeck have in their playing, where it's not just hammering for the sake of hammering, there's a lot of thought in each and every move she makes, which include the amount of space between each chord and phrase...” —

Primary Instrument



Brooklyn, NY

Willing to teach

Intermediate to advanced