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Damian Nisenson

Born in Argentina, having spent long years in Israel and Europe, living in Montreal since 2004, Nisenson has dedicated all his life to the active creation of art through different media: music, acting, poetry, painting, photo, video, specializing in the mixing of languages, styles and art forms of divers cultural origins. Diversity is one of the key words in Nisenson's life and artistic practice. He's militancy in favor of the recognition of cultural and ethnic diversity in society has taken him to the presidency of Diversité Artistique Montréal, organization dedicated, precisely to achieve those goals.

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«Bienheureux ceux qui ont eu la chance d’assister à cet enregistrement en direct, effectué dans ce haut lieu du jazz montréalais!» La Scena Musicale (Montréal),Décembre 2009 December / Janvier 2010 January

«Tiens que voilà un disque réjouissant, sentant bon la poudre et les excès. Dans la mouvance, mais sans copier, nos quatre artilleurs rejoignent les territoires du saxophoniste John Zorn et probablement, en guise de clin d’