Damien Olsen Damien Olsen

Damien Olsen (born May 20. 1961) Is an Experimental Musician, Improvisor, Sound Designer, Performer, Photographer, Digital Artist, Sculptor. Video Artist. Lived in Brazil during the 80s and 90s. Trained in Zen, Capueira and Graham technique of contemporary dance.

Damien Olsen produced wood and cardboard sculptures between 1987 and 2005.

Mr Ivan Karp from the legendary SoHo Art Gallery Ok Harris visited Damien Olsen's Studios in 2004 and declare him “a highly qualified artist”

In the very same year Damien Olsen rejected an offer of representation from Ivan Karp for being too busy making music.

He was disciple of the Finnish/American Composer and guitar player Raoul Bjorkenheim.

Since moved to NYC in 1999 Damien Olsen self produced more than 13 albums of Hybrid Ambient Music.

Some of this albums are still in process of editing and mastering while others were already commercially released. His compositions are not merely sound explorations, his collages made out from field recordings, Dance Pieces, Software Processed Acoustic Piano, deconstructions of other pieces and remixes; pieces for guitar and others are highly accomplished.

In his own words:

“Ambient Music today is a sonic substance that contains many other genres and non genres of music; music is sound which is sufficient in itself”

The crafting of his music is strongly influenced by the legendary British Label em:t.


”Don't expect this music to jump out at you and grab you by the neck, it's a subtle form of musical beauty that seeps slowly and quietly into your brain. It's dark and deep and moody and monumental, and even soothing, all at the same time”


Albums by Damien Olsen


First Snow

Not On Label (Damien Olsen Self-released)


Radio Valhalla

Not On Label (Damien Olsen Self-released)



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