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Dan Berglund

Dan Berglund was born in May 1963 and grew up in a small village in Sweden called Pilgrimstad near Ostersund. His father played accordion in an amateur band and his elder brother played guitar. They introduced him at an early age to very different styles of music including Swedish folk music, pop and rock.

Dan started to play the guitar when he was ten and soon after formed a band with his local friends. The band was made up of three guitarists and one drummer, so they were missing the bassist. Dan took over the bass part, first of all playing the bass lines on his guitar, then later his father bought him an electric bass and Dan was immediately fascinated by playing it. Together with his father's band he had his first public performances at different kind of events: weddings, birthday parties and funerals.

During his High School years Dan continued to play in his own rock group with his friends. They named themselves “Dizzy” and, besides playing cover versions of Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple songs, also composed their own music. They played together a lot.

One day his High School music teacher, Ceasar, brought a double-bass to Dan's home and although a double-bass was not a cheap instrument his father bought it for Dan. Roughly a year later Dan started his professional music education at Birka Folkhogskola in Ostersund. It was a difficult time for him, as he would have much preferred to play his electric bass in a rock-band rather than the double-bass in a conservatory

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