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Dan Garmon

Dan is a NYC based music director, multi-instrumentalist, and educator. He has had the great honor of working with the likes of Brian Lowdermilk & Kait Kerrigan, Mary- Mitchell Campbell, David O, and many others. He completed a Bachelor of Music, double majoring in piano performance & jazz drumset performance at McGill University's Schulich School of Music in 2012, graduating with distinction in piano. During his studies he was the drummer for the internationally renowned McGill Jazz One, the school's premiere jazz ensemble.

In addition to music directing and playing in pits, he has had an incredibly diverse wealth of musical experiences; he actively plays/listens to anything from the generally-regarded-as-somewhat-pretentious (solo classical piano / chamber music) to generally-regarded-as-less-relevant-than-it-once-may-have-been (jazz combos and big bands of all sizes) to hopelessly-nostalgic-for-your—teens-and-having-all- the-feels (pop punk & emo/screamo/mathcore) to the somewhat-off-the-beaten- path (Indian classical music, free-form improvisation and artistic installations), to the depths-of-the-bizarre-and-fantastic (modern extended-technique 12-tone prepared piano pieces, rolling marbles and tennis balls inside instruments) and everything in between.

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