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Daniela Soledade

Remember the name: Daniela Soledade is a new and compelling voice on the Brazilian musical landscape- one both fresh on the ears and blessed with authentically deep roots. Her family line includes her father Paulinho, an artist-producer whose resume includes work with Ivan Lins and Gilberto Gil. Delving yet deeper, her grandfather Paulo helped create Brazilian music foundations, composing with Tom Jobim and others in the pioneering phase of bossa nova.

With her new, evolving project in tight collaboration with versatile guitarist and producer Nate Najar, Daniela is bringing her own sense of style and musical passions to fruition with a debut album-in-progress. She is also embarking on a musical career which has its beginnings in the finer Rio recording studios in her younger years, before moving to Florida with her mother at age 16. “I grew up in Rio,” Daniela explains,“ in a family of musicians, basically, on both sides—artists, actresses, ballerinas, musicians. I grew up in recording studios. Basically, my dad was getting me to sing on whatever he was working on. That was for some big things, such as TV—shows for the main network in Brazil, called Rede Globo.” “My grandfather composed a lot of songs with Tom Jobim and Toquinho, Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes, some of the main names of bossa nova. Of course, my father is also a musician, and then there is me. I’m third generation, following my grandfather and Jobim,” she laughs.

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