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Daniela Soledade may initially seem like a fresh name in Brazilian music, but the vocalist’s impact immediately strikes a chord as encountered on her bold and subtle debut album, A Moment of You (2019 Blue Line Music Records). A carefully curated set of Bossa Nova gems (while dodging the most obvious choices), Brazilian-ized standards and original songs, created in partnership with producer/guitarist Nate Najar, the album frames the luminous tone and mature interpretive powers of the singer- singing in both English and Portuguese.

Beyond the surface and sensory allure of the musical evidence on the album, a legacy-related back story lends added depth to Soledade’s unfolding musical saga- she belongs to a sparkling lineage of great Brazilian artists, ranging from her grandfather Paulo- collaborator with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Baden Powell and other Brazilian legends- and her father Paulinho, who has worked as producer and partner with Ivan Lins and Gilberto Gil.

Growing up, the young Daniela spent time in top studios in Rio de Janeiro, observing and performing with her father, studied flute at the Music Conservatory Villa Lobos in Rio at age 14, and continuing with her music after moving to Florida at 16.

A Moment of You arrives as fruition of Soledade’s transcontinental path in music and a launching point for a promising career to come. As she explains of the album title, it comes from a lyric in Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Someone to Light Up My Life.” “I felt that the title suits the stage of life in which I found myself as I recorded this album. This is my moment to be myself, to invest in myself and to pursue my dreams.

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