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Daniel Deaguero is a composer, guitarist and vocalist, best known for his unique blend of fluid guitar solos and Latin rhythms. Well received by fans, radio and retailers for decades, Daniel has recorded 9 albums - five instrumental Jazz CDs, three Latin Pop vocal CDs and a bilingual Regional Mexican/Country vocal CD, placing him in that rare class of musicians whose versatility spans multiple genres

Daniel is a self-taught musician whose earliest musical performances were in church. At the age of 11 Daniel began singing in church and learning to play, eventually becoming proficient in the bass and guitar. In his late teens, Daniel began songwriting and continued to perform Christian music into the 80’s. Daniel’s deep-rooted Christian faith has grown with each passing year. Daniel believes that being a Christian isn’t about “religion”, but rather in having a personal relationship with God… striving to live daily life in a way that’s pleasing to Christ.

In the 70’s Daniel discovered Earl Klugh’s “Magic In Your Eyes” album and jazz became Daniel’s passion. In the 80’s, Daniels recording career began as he wrote and released a series of three Spanish Pop CDs, culminating with the release of “Lo Sabes” in 1996, which received the “Critic’s Choice” Award from Billboard Magazine.

In the early 90’s Daniel transitioned to writing jazz instrumentals, formed jazz band, Return to Zero, and recorded their “Absolute Zero” album. In 1992 Daniel released his first solo Jazz CD, “Night Groove”, which is an eclectic collection of Free/Avant Garde, Latin Jazz and Contemporary Jazz tunes.

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