Daniel Martina

I began studying music theory and folk guitar with a local teacher when I was nine.Then I studied in Rosario (Argentina) at the UNR School of Music (Nacional University of Rosario)and with Santiago G. Castelli, teacher of harmony and jazz improvisation.Later in Buenos Aires with the jazz guitarist and composer Armando Alonso (Dino Saluzzi?s guitarist).Furthermore, I?ve self-taught myself with the Berklee College of Music method (written by W. Leavitt)and I?ve followed several workshops held by the G.I.T. (M.I. in L.A.).I?ve also taken part in clinics held by: Pat Metheny, Chuck Wayne, George Benson, Scott Henderson, Jim Hall and Robben Ford. I?ve participated at the music for the film “El cumple” by the argentinean director Gustavo Postiglione and at the Networks collaborations : “Movimientos del Paranᢠco-produced with Mathias Claus (Germany)and Peggy Morris(USA), ?OAN CD Compilation-Jazz Vol 1? and ?The jazz room CD Compilation - Jazz mix ?(available at: www.mathiasclaus.com,www.morriscode.com and www.spectrumrecords.com ) *”Artist description”:Smooth Latin Jazz guitarist, composer and producer from Rosario (Argentina) *”Music style”:Smooth Latin Jazz *”Musical influences”: Smooth jazz-Latin jazz-Fusion?Blues *”Artists influences”: L.Salinas-G.Benson-W. Montgomery-C.Loeb-P.Metheny-E.Klugh-L.Carlton-Fourplay-D.Fagen-L.Almeida-J.Fal?ord


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