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Daniel Nissenbaum is a professional trumpet player, composer and film scorer. He currently lives in Philadelphia.

Daniel began playing professionally at the age of 15, with various jazz and pop groups in and around Philadelphia and Camden. Higher profile events included performances with Ahmad Jamal, Mccoy Tyner, Donald Byrd, and Valery Ponomerev. He attended Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in 2007 with a Degree in Brass Performance. He has also had the fortune to play with such greats as Marcus Miller and Terence Blanchard while in attendance.

After graduating from Berklee, Daniel moved out west and lived in California for under a year, performing regularly and teaching both private lessons through his own studio as well as through the Boys and Girls Club.

He returned to Philadelphia in the spring of 2008 and has since established a local studio for teaching in addition to a large volume of work as a professional trumpet player, recording artist and composer. A recent Master’s graduate of the University of the Arts, Daniel can be seen regularly around the city freelancing with a variety of bands, in addition to performing original material in solo and small group contexts.

Currently, Daniel is working as a film composer employed by Chicken and Egg, a documentary film production company based in New York. He has written scores for numerous independent projects including animations, short films and, most recently, a 10-anniversary C&E reel. He has also completed a short documentary about the work of Mike Frankfurt, founder of the legal firm Frankfurt Kurnit.

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