Daniel Roure

Instrument: Piano

Updated: December 1, 2017

Born: November 24, 1948

Pianist, composer and vocalist in French and English, Daniel Roure offers in his albums an inspirational Jazz experience combining elements of Cool Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Poetry, Blues, Swing and Popular Music.

Daniel Roure has an unmistakable timbre and attack incorporating Jazz Standards,Blues and French Ballads. Roure's warm voice and unforgettable swing won him an award at “Le Printemps Du Jazz” in Toulon, France.

Widely recognized in the international specialized press, his songs travel the world through the Internet and streaming radio stations and have reached more than 40 million listeners. Putumayo World Music label included the track “Les Baleines Bleues” in the compilation Vintage France.

Through his music, Daniel Roure invites you to share his passion for jazz and his devotion to American Standards of the '40s and '50s style.

Jazz shines and finds its cultural roots in all Daniel Roure's songs very Vintage France. Awards

“Printemps du Jazz” Toulon 2001 With “Les Baleines Bleues” From le Temps d'un jazz Daniel Roure Prepares for 2018 Release ”Souvenir of My Childhood” Out Soon The year was 2001 and the world had changed due to various events, but it was also changing for French artist Daniel Roure. He released his debut Le Temps D'un Jazz . Fast forward to today and he's about to release his latest album in the new year. Leading the way will be his lead single, “Souvenir of My Childhood.” It has been four years since Daniel Roure has put out a full album. In between 2014's Bar De Nuit and his untitled project next year, he's pushed out a couple of singles to keep fans satisfied and of course wanting more.”Je Chante” “Nuit Bleue de l'Automne”. Drawn to his French take on Jazz, people fall hard when they hear his lyrics delivered in the language of love, over music as smooth as Jazz. Not only a singer, Daniel is a pianist and composer who can do a number on French adaptations of the standards.

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JAZZHOT . Serge BAUDOT. Le Temps D'un Jazz. Daniel Roure (p, voc), Paul Pioli (g), Francesco Castellani (tb), Fabien Giacchi (b), Gilles Alamel (dm) in March 2001, Marseille. 42 '38'Daniel Roure saw his album “Le Temps d'un Jazz” on a jazz broadcast to more than 6 million times on Pandora Radio (USA). He made a remarkable breakthrough in the ratings of internet radios, the United States, Canada and Australia. By Jove! We're impressed! Daniel Roure has a deep voice, pleasant, well-modulated with perfect diction, the relaxation, charm. I sometimes find him accents of Jean Sablon especially in the low and slow tempos; he shows, very gentle

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