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Danish Radio Big Band: A Good Time Was Had By All

Danish Radio Big Band: A Good Time Was Had By All

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Danish Radio Big Band

Label: Storyville Records
Released: 2014
Views: 865

Track Listing

CD1: It’s The Talk Of The Town; Ray’s Idea; My Old Flame; Zoot; To Og To Er Fem (Two And Two Are Five); Malaguena; Stella By Starlight; Yesterdays; Things Ain’t What They Used To Be, Cry Me A River; Stompy Jones; Did You Call Her Tonight; Old Folks; Tempus Incertum Remanet Part One; Bojangles; But Not For Me; Once I Loved. CD2: The Farewell; Kids Are Pretty People; I Got Rhythm; Ebbe Skammelsen; Dancing Girls; A Good Time Was Had By All; Say It; Malus Scorpio Ritus; Crackdown; Vismanden. CD3: Nervous Charlie; Day Dream; Dedicacion a Santo Domingo; I Put A Spell On You; City Life; Right On – Off; You Don’t Know What Love Is; All Of Me; But Beautiful; Capt. Coe’s Famous Racearound; Fools Rush In; Was It you? CD4: Once A Penguin, Always A Penguin; The Strange Voyage Of Donald Crowhurst; Just Kiddin’; So In Love; One Side Of You; The Pathfinder; Dear Lord; Wild Bill. CD5: Triple Metamorphosis; Suingando; In A Mellotone; Second Line; The Governor; DRJO No. 1; Monster Piece; En Coulisse. CD6: Time Remembered; Oktober Nat; Show Type Tune; The Forest; Those Who Build; Joy; Hotter Than That; The Power And The Glory; Why Not.


Lars Lindgren, Benny Rosenfeld, Jesper Riis, Henrik Bolberg, Anders Gustafsson, Thomas Fryland, Palle Bolvig, Jens Winther, Lars Togeby, Perry Knudsen, Palle Mikkelborg, Alan Botschinsky, Idrees Sulieman, Svend Lundvig, Henry Henkel, Arne Lamberth, Vagn Elsberg, Henrik Bolberg, Jan Kohlin, Art Farmer, Thomas Kjaergaard, Christer Gustafsson, Mads la Cour, Gerard Presencer, Leroy Jones: trumpet; Vincent Nilsson, Ture Larsen, Steen Hansen, Axel Windfeld, James Engell, Torolf Mølgaard, John Lind, Paul Kjeldgaard, Olle Kurt Jensen, Steen Engelholt, Helmuth Hansen, Per Espersen, Poul Jørgensen, Erling Kroner, Richard Boone, Lars Hougaard, Kjeld Ipsen, Giordano Bellincampi, Bob Brookmeyer, Klaus Löhrer, Peter Jensen, Alf Vestergaard, Annette Saxe, Jakob Munch Mortensen: trombone; Jesper Thilo, Jan zum Vohrde, Bent Jaedig, Uffe Karshov, Flemming Madsen, Preben Garnov, David Sternbach, Knud Sørensen, Per Larsen, Rolf Bilberg, Erling Christensen, Bent Jaedig, Uffe Karskov, Bent Nielsen, Ben Webster, Per Carsten, Michael Hove, Thomas Franck, Uffe Markussen, Bob Rockwell, Tony Coe, Christina von Bulow, Nicolai Schultz, Peter Fugelsang, Michael Bladt, Ksrl-Martin Almqvist, Anders Gaardmsnd, Filt Kristensen: saxophones; Olle Kock Hansen, Stsn Kenton, Nicolai Bentzon, Martial Solsl, Thomas Clausen, Michel Camilo: piano; Bjarne Roupc, Ole Molin, Bo Sylvøn, Anders Chico Lindvall, Per Gade: guitar; Jens Melgaard, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Hugo Rasmussen, Mads Vinding, Jesper Lundgaard, Thomas Ovesen, Torben Westergaard, Kaspar Vadsholt: bass; Lennart Gruvstedt, Bjarne Rostvold, William Schiøppfe, Jonas Johansen, Søren Frost: drums; Ethan Weisgaard, John Steffensen, Per Nielsen, Kasper Winding, Peter Reim, Morten Grønvad: percussion; Ib Glindemann, Stan Kenton, Niels Jørgen Steen, Ray Pitts, Thad Jones, Ernie Wilkins, Olle Kock Hansen, Django Bates, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely, Steve Sacks, Helge Albin, Palle Mikkelborg: conductors; Lise Reinau, Birgit Bruel, Richard Boone, Marie Bergman, Silvana Malta, Mona Larsen: vocals.

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