Dan Redding

Hello all... Please check out www.danredding.co.uk for more on me!!! I started playing guitar when I was around 15 years old and decided to study music properly after failing most of my A levels, as I was too busy saving up for bigger amplifiers and better guitars! When I was 19 I went to university near London and was exposed to jazz for the first time. I was able to see all the incredibly talented Jazz musicians the city has to offer and was blown away. I bought a real book and learnt to play over chords, and brought every cheap jazz CD I could lay my hands on. I’ve played in all kinds of different musical acts from the most outrageous cabaret nonsense you can imagine, to playing my own composition with original bands and of course I’ve done many a function gig along the way…. All that has given my some really great times and let me hang out with some wonderful people. I’ve also been lucky enough to work with many musicians far greater than myself…. Many of them (hopefully) will let me record me with them and stick them up here for you all to see….. Anyway, I love Joe Pass, Charlie Parker, Tubby Hayes, Wes Montgomery, Oscar Peterson and am currently addicted to the Melvin Rhyne Organ trio, feat the great Peter Bernstein on Guitar….. That’s probably a lot more than you need to know about me, but please explore the site!!!!


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