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Dario Walid Yassa

Dario Maria Walid Yassa was born in Milan from italian mother and egyptian father. Pianist and composer, he is a 1994 Conservatorio A. Vivaldi graduate from Maestro Vincenzo Balzani. He graduates with the 4th of Composition at Conservatorio G. Verdi in Milan and he prolongues his studies with Maestro Eros Negri. He also obtains the title of SIAE composer, qualification needed to perform in important exhibits and gigs. He develops a strong interest for jazz music and attends the Manhattan School Of Music where he learns impro jazz with Barry Harris and Mike Abene. Pianist Barry Harris invites him to take part to several of his seminars in New York and Boston

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A tendency to dismantle music with anarmonic rythms... a continous and comprehensice tension towards luminous athmosphers – Luca Bragalini

If in his previous work (“Equilibrist”) Dario Yassa was mnainly bonded to the composing and executive esthetics of the classic trio from Bill Evans, with some incursions in the asymmetries of Thelonius Monk, in the last work (“Sounds and Colourrs”) he defines fully his own style, which keeps as base a natural and elastic swing, but turns from time to time into dancing rhythms of funky accent. All this in the name of discretion, lightness and good taste

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