Darren Kelly


Darren Kelly=De Armond archtop jazz guitar, Epiphone archtop (fretless)jazz guitar, DBASS (I DESIGNED IT MYSELF it is a fretless/headless jazz bass-with Steinberger tuner) it looks like an ore for a boat-I MADE IT IN 1987,WHEN I WAS 21...,it has DEAN MARKLEY flatwound bass strings on it (self wrapped=double balled)...Mitchell classical-acoustic/electric guitar, Burton acoustic guitar,(GHS flat-wounds on both of them), also-1920 Deagan Xylorimba Model#730, a 1925- (W.P.Haines & Co.) upright piano, synthesizer(s),(2) HR16 drum machines (Alesis)... plus tons of audio/studio components-ownership has it's privileges. My latest CD's), 11:07, Subjective Capacity,"120", Monolith, Live Modern, Plasma, Market Place, Bold Conspiracy, Necessity...ALL material composed, arranged, produced, performed, engineered/recorded by Darren Kelly for THROWDOWN PRODUCTIONS LLC. Throwdown Music Publishing LLC.


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