Darryl Alexander Sr.

Chances are that if you have listened to Saturday Night Live (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), The Weather Channel, E Entertainment, Lifetime, Fox Business, Maury Povich, or flown on Continental, Airtran, Frontier, or Jetblue that you have heard music by jazz artist/producer/composer Darryl Alexander Sr. Years ago, Darryl had sent a CD of 10 songs to DSM Producers CEO Suzan Bader. Her company is administered Worldwide by Warner Chappell. Darryl had not heard from DSM for a while, and was unaware that DSM had just moved to a new suite to a larger office complex in New York. A box of CD's had been left by the moving company. The new tenant saw them and carried them to DSM's new suite. Ironically, Darryl's CD was at the top of the stack and Ms. Bader promptly gave it a listen. Within a matter of 2 days, she contacted Darryl and an offer was made to publish these original 10 songs, with Warner publishing them internationally. This one small thing has probably been the greatest asset in my musical career, says Darryl, and is a door that without God's intervention would not be open.

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Review: DARRYL ALEXANDER SR.: TRANSITIONS 09/02/2014 If you already looked to American tv channels and programs as Saturday Night Live (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), The Weather Channel, E Entertainment, Lifetime, Fox Business or Maury Povich views, or if you have flown with Continental, Airtran, Frontier and Jetblue, then chances are you heard music coming from the African American Darryl Alexander. During his college years was Darryl already in the band Love, Life, and Light. He gets on his new cd collaboration of Kenny Blake, Ken Karsh, Brett Williams, Pete Tokar, Wilber Krebs, Fred Ervin, Joe Graziosi, John Madgett, and Brandon Howard

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