David Cifelli

David Cifelli, currently a jazz performance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, has been studying drums since he was seven years old. By the age of 13, Dave was gigging with groups throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Throughout high school Dave continued to work as a professional musician and was actively involved in his school music program. Recently he has worked with Philly based musicians such as Tom Tallitsch, Jason Fraticelli, Keith Snyder, and Dave Homan. Also, Dave has worked with fellow up and coming jazz musicians such as pianist, Dan Rufolo. Over the past year and a half, Dave has been recording with bassist Danny Ladd on his multi-disc project called “Ride That Riff”. Currently, Dave is playing with fellow UArts musicians throughout the Philadelphia area. Please inquire about booking arrangements. Finally, Dave is currently a student of Jim Paxson and has also studied with Tony DeNicola, Cheech Iero, and Marc Dicciani, as well as others. Dave is also a drum tech at the Modern Drummer Festival Weekend and has attended the Montreal Drum Fest and KoSA International Percussion Workshops. Dave was also the first runner-up in 2003 and 2005 for the Modern Drummer Magazine Undiscovered Drummer Contest in the under 18 category.


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