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David Fox

Drummer Dave Fox has worked with a wide variety of aritsts over the past two decades such as Stan Strickland, Harvey Diamond, Dave Tronzo, Charles Neville, Lydia Warren, Brad Faucher/Session450 and Matthew Stubbs and The Antiguas. Dave has also worked extensively with two-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer and musician Tom Hambridge and his band “The Rattlesnakes”. With Tom Hambridge and The Rattlesnakes, Dave has shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, Marty Sammon and Quinn Sullivan.

In addition to the The Rattlesnakes, he is a current member of The Gravel Project, The Stan Strickland/Josh Rosen Quartet, Andrew Stern’s AS3 and the DAQ. When not performing as a sideman, Dave leads his own jazz group featuring Bruno Råberg on bass, Bill Jones on Sax and Phil Grenadier on trumpet.

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