Dave Georgetti Dave Georgetti

A life long musical journey began when Dave Georgetti picked up his first guitar at age five. The journey continued in earnest when he began his professional music studies at Berklee College of Music where he received dual BA degrees in both Jazz Composition and Music Production and Engineering. As a master guitarist and composer his original compositions embody a unique blend of rhythms, harmonies, and musical textures. His music transcends traditional Latin music by combining jazz elements with acoustic and electric instruments while introducing new Latin Fusion grooves.

Georgetti's music is undeniably rhythmic driven. His Brazilian and Cuban percussion create pulsating rhythms with timbales, congas, tan tan, pandeiro, cabasa, guiro and çuica that drive and adorn the music's Latin grooves. The underlying elements are Afro-Cuban, mambo, cha cha, samba and bossa nova. The music on “Mother's Son” is not based on only one rhythm- truly all of the songs are based on original grooves wrapped around various Latin styles. For instance, “Baile de Fuego” is based on a combination of funk and mambo and the result is a pulsating dance song that could be heard in any dance club.

Having a great song is only half of the formula for a great musical performance. “By having the highest level of musicianship in my group, my music really comes to life. And if my audience like the recorded version of this music, they will be blown away with the live version.”


“I'm listening to Dave's CD and its terrific. How does a guy named Georgetti gravitate to such solid Latin grooves? Anyhow, he's clearly a very talented musician and arranger...”

— M. Balin, Entertainment Law Weekly


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