Dave Percell Dave Percell

As a modern Jazz Guitarist and composer, Dave Percell is definitely in a league of his own. His style and funky rhythmic tunes, have “wowed” all that have heard him play.. He holds nothing back as he delivers vibrant “ jazzy sounds at mind blowing speeds and precision. His soul gripping music is a juxtaposition of Flamenco jazz and Fusion elements. He has been admired by top industry professionals as a “Musician’s musician”. With a touch of fusion and a lot of latin, make no mistake; Dave Percell has a signature Latin flamenco style that is unique to him. As a new Indie artist, Dave Percell has already managed to leave a lasting impression and capture the hearts of fans throughout the world.


Acoustic Guitar


I have listened to a lot of music and there is no doubt Dave Percell is among the best I have ever listened to.

“Hearing has a genius memory. Everyone has equal ability. Only two things can happen when we hear something. It will either be an instantaneous hit to memory, or discarded by the lack of a desire to learn.

Then there is the music of Dave Percell. There is only one outcome to listening to the music of this artist. His music contains the elements that tap deep into memory, elements that surpass any normal response to good, even great music. His ability to transcend the listener’s experience by grabbing the soul of memory and reaching into a person’s desire to learn through the sounds he offers is what you will experience

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