Davide Anselmi Davide Anselmi

Davide Anselmi is an international and Italian Drummer, Guitarist and Songwriter that composed his first album in October 2013 called “Eclipse” I became a part of the 200 individual orchestral most listened in the UK in fact in January of 2014 the single will be transmitted in the television series “Top Gear UK” during the presentation of a car. During the year, Davide composed three albums called “A Series of Catastrophic Events pt.1”, “A Series of Catastrophic Events pt.2: Theory of everything” and the single released in September of 2014 called “Equation of links” . In December 2014, it is affiliated with the association (RED) for the fight against AIDS and HIV, to compose a single with Hans Zimmer released in January 2015 and remained online for a month which were obtained donated to (RED). From January 2015 until September of that year he was in the studio recording an album came out in October of that year and called “Walking Tragically”.


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