Davide Santorsola

Self taught from the age of eight, in 1991 Davide received his degree in the Discipline of Art, Music and Shows-Performance at the University of Bologna, Italy. In 1996 he won the “First Prize Jazz Section G. Gershwin Award” at the International Piano Competition Ibla-New York Grand Prize. Beginning in the mid 1970’s he carried out intensive concert activity and participated in several competitions, as well as numerous international jazz festivals doing tours outside of Europe and also in the U.S.A

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«Totally individual, great improvisation. His way of playing is different than that of anyone else...» Ruth Ellington «Excellent pianist and improvisator» Alan Gershwin «…You get the sense of Santorsola’s extraordinary intent on creating a new form of jazz piano expression. …I ended up listening to this CD almost 20 times. For people such as myself, the incomprehensible mystery of the sound lay hidden. In recent years, there has been a boom in “Euro jazz,” and while it’s true that this is has been a boon for the jazz world, Santorsola stands somewhat apart from this trend, or should I say, he’s a pianist that should stand apart

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Davide Santorsola has also dedicated himself to teaching and writing instructional books for Universal-Ricordi, methods, Jazz – L’arte dell’ Armonizzazione (2000), J.A.D.A. – Appendice Con Armonizzazioni Ragionate (2001) and Jazz – L’arte dell’ Armonizzazione, Complete Edition (2004) and translates into Italian John Valerio’s “Bebop Jazz Piano”, Scott Miller's "Rock Keyboard", Mark Harrison's "Blues Piano" by Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series (2004/2005). Davide currently resides in Trani, Italy. He is the instructor of Jazz for the JAZZ MUSIC degree program at the “S. Giacomantonio” Music Conservatory of Cosenza, Italy.

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