David Jans David Jans

I am David Jans, a Maastricht/Luxembourg based Alto Sax player and Composer. Due to my education and influences I like juggling around many different styles but with a main focus on Jazz.

Artistically, I am influenced by many artists from Jazz to Classic to Film Music and any kind of Rock Music, such as Kenny Garrett’s expressive sound on Alto Sax, or the incredibly story telling music from Hans Zimmer with the simplest melodies or even the powerfulness of metal music.

At the moment I am starting to play with my own Quartet with friends from the Conservatorium Maastricht where I am studying at. The Quartet, consisting of Jungmi Yun (Piano), Giorgio Stienstra (E-Bass), Ilja Tarnopolskij (Drums) and myself (David Jans) (Alto Saxophone) - people from four different countries, meeting in Maastricht - currently covers some of their favorite tunes and plays originals written by myself. Our sound is a quite traditional Jazz Sound always with the intention of freedom, spontaneity and fun!

I started learning the Saxophone at the age of 8 at the local music school as well as in the local Harmonie Orchestra. Later I began also to learn the organ and the piano before I continued my classical Saxophone studies at the Conservatory in Ettelbruck in 2014. Being fascinated by the sound of Jazz and the Art of improvisation, I also began to study Jazz Saxophone at the same school one year later with Maxime Bender. Besides Jazz and Classical music I won also experiences in Pop and Rock by founding a Coverband where I play Keyboard since then.

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