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David White

With the 2011 release of Flashpoint, the debut album by the David White Jazz Orchestra, the trombone-blowing leader and his 16 compatriots served notice on the jazz world of an ensemble that, while steeped in big-band traditions, takes the music in exciting new directions rife with vibrant voicings and rhythmic variety.

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“[T]here is an infectious energy that may be the new signature sound in the development of the more contemporary jazz orchestra,” Brent Black, Critical Jazz

“White clearly knows his jazz history and strikes a perfect balance by incorporating his musical influences while defining his own progressive style,” Karl Ackermann,

White “guides his 17-member orchestra through a program of compositions that seamlessly move from extended blues strut (‘I’ll See You in Court’) one moment to soft-focus serenity (‘First Lullaby’) the next.” Aaron Cohen, Down Beat

“Trombonist David White has made a wonderful contribution to the big band genre with Flashpoint, an album of mostly originals that taps the wells of orchestral jazz with imagination, cleverness and style.” Terrell Holmes, NYC Jazz Record

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