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Debbie "The Delta Diva" Bivens Debbie "The Delta Diva" Bivens

Debbie “The Delta Diva” Bivens Jazz Songstress

Born and raised on the beautiful Mobile, Alabama, delta, Debbie 'The Delta Diva' Bivens began her singing career as the ‘first call’ vocalist for regional pro musicians. She relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, making her pro singing debut at the Mayflower Gold Ballroom with Lou Ragland ( Ink Spots) & Hot Chocolate. Bivens has done studio recording work for the late great Donny Hathaway, Charlie Foxx and Leroy Hudson, with numerous professional auditions including Motown Records.

But, Bivens cites Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, among many, as her greatest JaZZ influence. Recently awarded an Artist Residency at Centrum of Port Townsend in Washington state, she is a current stay at The Rumor Mill Restaurant in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle. She’s singing her Traditional Straight-Ahead JaZZ in the way that only “The Delta Diva “ can.

Look for The Delta Diva's most recent recorded JaZZ CD, “A Picture Of Me” at Booking Info: 425- 443-4092 ~ [email protected]


”In her live appearances in the last year, Bivens has shown herself to be a fearless interpreter who doesn't feel the need to follow the approach of anyone who's previously put their stamp on any given song.” - Lawrence Specker, Entertainment Reporter/Mobile Press Register


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