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“Pianists have bee tinkering with the guts of their instruments for nearly a century now, but it’s altogether likely that no one has explored the art of prepared piano as diligently or creatively as ‘hyperpianist’ Denman Maroney.” —Time Out New York

The music of “hyperpianist” Denman Maroney is inspired by the sounds of crickets and carpenters' tools among other things and by the music of Cage, Coleman, Cowell, Ellington, Ives, Joplin, Messiaen, Monk, Nancarrow and Stockhausen among others. Maroney uses a set of extended piano performance techniques he calls hyperpiano, which involves bowing or sliding the strings with copper bars, metal bowls, rubber blocks, and plastic boxes and gives him a unique, special and beautiful vocabulary. He also uses a system of temporal harmony based on the undertone series, which enables him to play as well as write in several beats at once.

Maroney has made twenty commercial recordings including: DISTICH(Nuscope) with Mat Maneri, LEROY JENKINS' DRIFTWOOD: THE ART OF IMPROVISATION (Mutable Music) with Leroy Jenkins,* Min Xiao-Fen and Rich O’Donnell; TIME CHANGES (Cryptogramophone) with Alexandra Montano, Mark Dresser and Michael Sarin; HYPERPIANO (Mon$ey Music); FLUXATIONS (New World) with Ned Rothenberg, Dave Ballou, Mark Dresser and Kevin Norton; DUOLOGUES(Victo) with Mark Dresser; TOOLS OF THE TRADE (CIMP) with Ned Rothenberg; BILLABONG (Potlatch) with Hans Tammen; FIRE SONG (Erstwhile) with Earl Howard; AQUIFER (Cryptogramophone) with Mark Dresser* and Matthias Ziegler; MARINADE (Tzadik) with Mark Dresser,* Mary Rowell and Matthias Ziegler; THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (Knitting Factory) with Mark Dresser* and Dave Douglas; FORCE GREEN (Soul Note) with Mark Dresser,*Theo Bleckmann, Dave Douglas and Phil Haynes; TAMBASTICS (Music & Arts) with Robert Dick, Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway; SEGMENTS (Cadence) with John Hagen,* Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway; ABSOLUTION (Enja) with the Absolute Ensemble,* a 2001 Grammy nominee; THE BIRTH OF GEORGE (Tellus/Circe) with Lisa Karrer* & David Simons*; VISION VOLUME ONE (AUM Fidelity) with Mark Dresser,* Earl Howard and Kevin Norton; A CONFEDERACY OF DANCES VOL. 2 (Einstein) with Earl Howard; and STOCKHAUSEN PERFORMED BY THE NEGATIVE BAND (Finnadar) with Earl Howard, Carl Stone, Paul Taylor, David Simons, Jon Weisberger and Mike Fink. *leader. Photo by Sheila Schonbrun.

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Album Solo @70 by Denman Maroney

Solo @70

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Album Mind Games by Denman Maroney

Mind Games

New World Records

Album Double Zero by Denman Maroney

Double Zero

New World Records

Album Music For Words, Perhaps by Denman Maroney

Music For Words,...

New World Records

Album Udentity by Denman Maroney


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