Diego Barber Diego Barber

Diego Barber was born in Lanzarote. There was already some musical precedent in his family; his great uncle was a pianist by profession and his father, in his youth, played the bass in a band called “Peppermint.” Very early on in his home, his mother promoted listening to classical music. When he turned ten years old he was given as a gift his first electric guitar and he decided firmly to study that instrument. At that time, his musical preferences started to include jazz, as well as some contemporary guitarists.

It can be said that since that period the debate had already begun within himself between these two musical styles. Maybe this is a dilemma that remained with him throughout his entire trajectory, until he came to the conclusion that maybe, both of them are part of his musical path. In his beginnings he attended the Conservatory of Lanzarote, taking music classes from Miguel Angel Calzadilla and he also received private lessons by attending a music school where Tonin Corujo was his professor. Already at that time he began to seriously consider the idea of relocating away from the island, but due to his young age, this was a decision he had to make with the support of his family.

After thinking much about it and accepting the challenge that leaving home entails, he moved to Madrid and enrolled in the Conservatory of Arturo Soria. Possibly in that period, the most important and providential event that occurred was getting to know Jose Ramon Garcia, who with his harmony, analytical and composition classes, helped Diego to develop as a musician. Following this period, he enrolled in the Conservatory Superior of Music of Salamanca where he completed his degree in Classical Guitar. While he studied in Salamanca, there are two very important events: instructors Costas Cotsiolis and Ricardo Gallen accept him as their student. The first one taught him in Athens for a year; the second, wherever in the world they happened to coincide.

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Album One Minute Later by Diego Barber

One Minute Later

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Album The Choice by Diego Barber

The Choice

Sunnyside Records

Album Calima by Diego Barber


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