Dirty Baby


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Label: Cryptogramophone
Released: 2011
Views: 275

Track Listing

CD 1: Dirty Baby: Part I; Dirty Baby: Part II; Dirty Baby: Part III; Dirty Baby: Part IV; Dirty Baby: Part V; Dirty Baby: Part VI. CD 2: In God We Trust; Hi There, My Old Friend; If I Was You I'd Do Just Like I Told You To Do; Do As I Say Or...; No Mercy; Do As Told Or Suffer; Agree To Our Terms Or Prepare Yourself For A Blast Furnace; Your A Dead Man;Hey You Want To Sleep With The Fishes?; A Columbian Necklace For You; Note We Have Already Got Rid Of Several Like You--One Was Found In The River Just Recently; Be Cautious Else We Be Bangin On You; You Wont Know When You Wont Know Where You Wont Know Who You Wont Know Why; Its Payback Time; I'm Going To Leave More Notes And I'm Going To Kick More Ass; You Cross Me I Wanna See Blood; I Heard You Moved To Pahrump, Nevada- -You Cannot Escape; Little Snitches Like You End Up In Dumpsters All Across Town; I'm Getting Out Soon And I Haven;t Forgot Your Testimony Put Me In Here; You Talk You Get Killed; Don't Let The Information Be Known To Any Person Or You Die: Don't Threaten Me With Your Threats; I Might Just Act Ugly If You Talk; When I'm Released I'm Smoking A Straight Line To You. Got Me?; Want To Get To Know My Boiling Point?; You Dirty Rotten Bitch; You Will Eat Hot Lead; I Can't take It No More; I Might Just Act Ugly If You Get Up On That Stand And Say Something Unpleasant To My Ears; I Thought I Told You That We Won't Stop; I Will Wipe You Off The Face Of This Earth; Give Up The Gold Or give Up Your Life; You And I Are In Disagreement.


Bill Barrett (armonica; Wayne Peet (organo); Jon Brion (tastiere, voce); Jeremy Drake (chitarre e strumenti a corda); Glenn Taylor (chitarra pedal steel); Scott Amendola (batteria, percussioni, elettronica); Devin Hoff (bassi); Danny Frankel (batteria e percussioni); Nels Cline (chitarre, effetti, elettronica); Vinny Golia (flauto, clarinetto, sax); Dan Clucas (tromba, flauto); Jeff Gauthier (violino); Jessica Catron (violoncello); Brad Dutz (xylofono, vibrafono, percussioni); Alex Cline (percussioni).


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Dirty Baby