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In the midst of the 1980′s a bunch of young hippies gather together in a small container on an industrial site. at the south part of Rotterdam, Holland, generating an immense untuned cacaphonia of sound & chaos. From it emerged the hippie freak rock trio “Mistic dawn”, with Wally Dijksman a.k.a Day-T(’62) on guit and vocals, Moniek de Boer a.k.a Mo (’65) on bass, and Peter J. Faber (’62) on drums. Their first demo tape brings a small cult status. Early nineties,

Peter Faber leaves the trio. The name changes into Distract vibes and Ron Verbeek (’57) is added as new impuls. Powerhitter Ron’s impact on the musical structures leads to extreme hard-core & noise patterns. Their debut album ” the Fury” (lp,91) enforces a modest break-through in the European alternative circuit. It isn’t untill their second release “a Brand new nightmare” (cd,’93) before things really start to roll. The next year they spend touring Europe intensively.

Free-jazz tenor saxophone veteran Arthur Scova Rhigini is, after seeing them at a live show, tempted to boost the Vibes harmonics with his precence in 1994. Now a four piece, the music becomes a composition of free-jazz and noise with more room for improvisation. This development makes way for concerts out of the hard-core underground circuit and more into theatres, art-centers and jazzclubs.

In 1995 drummer Ron quits the project leaving the Vibes with a major decision to make, taking another drummer, or go on as a trio. After carefull thought they decided to go for option two and at the same time introduce electronics into the Vibes spectrum. Obscure complex sequencer rhythm-tracks overlayed with heavy noises, pulsating bass tracks and hysterical saxophone screams where packed on the cd “No more“. Recorded in the legendary jazzclub “the jazzbunker” in Rotterdam, spring 1995.

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Critics have called them:

Timeless music, with vocals like a summit for prayer. Odd?, yes, beautiful?, yes again, beautiful all together. Melodic bass and guitar accompanied by vocal and subtle bells. Imagine the experimental compositions of ”Tool“, like the intro of ‘Parabola‘ in a smaller line up….. that’s Distract Vibes. ( Vpro radio, Lisa Ruskus). The online version (in dutch) here. Review of a concert at the ‘Noisy night in Paradox with Off on off and the Talibam at the Paradox, Tilburg by Lisa Ruskus.

Psychedelic noise with hallucinative melody’s in a cloud of singing crack sounds

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Distract Vibes
Hot-nead in silent water


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