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D.J. Sweeney

My family has always been very musical. I've always been surrounded by live music, education and art. The family traveled to small towns with my musician father playing at dances in the sixties. He played boogie woogie piano, bluegrass and country music on the guitar. I went to jams with him at the neighbors house and I always looked forward to every moment when he picked up the guitar or sat at the piano

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Vocalist DJ Sweeney’s quote on sums it up, “I love jazz more than anything!” This waitress cum jazz singer hit the ground running last August when she debuted her self-titled CD at Jardine’s Jazz Club. Since then, she has steadily picked up her performance pace, gigging at 12 Baltimore, The Melting Pot, The Peachtree Restaurant, and others. Her repertoire of standards done in a classic style that should delight traditional straight-ahead jazz fans. “Standards are timeless. They’re beautiful and people love them now and will love them when I’m seventy. I’m going for longevity here,” Sweeney laughs.

You’re only as good as your band in this business, and Sweeney has picked the best

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