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Domina Catrina

Ambient. Jazz. Rock. Electronica. World. Discover Singapore's undiscovered Asian Transgendered Jazz-Rock Guitarist, Composer, and Self-Sufficient Soloist/Virtual Band. Domina Catrina, has created her debut self-realized, solo album project, “The Book Of Worlds”. Domina Catrina's music is a mystery wrapped in a cathedral of enigmas, informed by the noetics of jazz, powered by the force of rock, catapulted around this planet we call :earth: that a young child created by opening up a secret book. The book describes a Shamanic Journey into the Lower Worlds, and Redemption via Dismemberment/Resurrection, also suggestive in the interlinked Suite of song titles - the Return to the World/marketplace as described in the Buddhist :ox-herding: pictorial cycle. An Important Update ::The Book Of Worlds:: concept CD album is now available directly from CD Baby. The wait is over. You can order your copy of “The Book Of Worlds” now:

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