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Don Byas: Complete American Small Group Recordings

Don Byas: Complete American Small Group Recordings by Don Byas

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Don Byas

Label: Definitive Records
Released: 2003
Views: 3,279

Track Listing

DISC ONE: Riffin


Don Byas
Don Byas

saxophone, tenor

Additional Personnel / Information

DISC ONE: 1) Don Byas Orchestra: Charlie Shavers, Clyde Hart, Slam Stewart, Jack Parker. 2) Don Byas Orchestra with Rudy Williams (as) added. 3) Don Byas All Star Quinter: Joe Thomas, Johnny Guarnieri, Billy Taylor, Cozy Cole. 4) Don Byas All Star Quintet: Buck Clayton, Johnny Guarnieri, Eddie Safranski, Denzil Best. 5) Don Byas All Stars: Kenny Watts, John Levy, Slick Jones. 6) same as previous band, add Big Bill Broonzy and rename as Little Sam & Orchestra.

DISC TWO: 1) Don Byas All Star Quintet (same as 4 above with Buck Clayton). 2) Don Byas Quartet: Erroll Garner, Slam Stewart, Doc West. 3) Don Byas Quartet: Johnny Guarnieri, Slam Stewart, J.C. Heard. 4) Don Byas Quartet: Johnny Guarnieri, Sam Hall, Sid Catlett. 5) Don Byas All Star Quartet: Johnny Guarnieri, Eddie Safranski, J.C. Heard. 6) Don Byas and His Orchestra: Jimmy Powell, Hal Singer, unknown piano, bass, and drums, Rubie Blakey vocals. 7) Dizzy Gillespie, Gene Sedric, Sammy Price, Leonard Ware, Oscar Smith, Harold West, Albinia Jones vocals.

DISC THREE: 1) Don Byas Quartet: Garner, Stewart, West, same as previous disc. 2) Don Byas and the All Star Rhythm Septet: Gene Schroeder; Tony Gottuso, Slim Durham, Johnny Blowers. 3) Don Byas Quintet: Benny Harris, Jimmy Jones, John Levy, Fred Radcliffe. 4) Don Byas Quartet: Teddy Brannon, Frank Skeete, Fred Radcliffe. 5) Don Byas Quartet: Sanford Gold, Leonard Gaskin, Max Roach. 6) Don Byas Quartet: Beryl Booker or Tony Scott, John Simmons, Fred Radcliffe.

DISC FOUR: 1) Eddie Heywood and his Orchestra: Ray Nance, Aaron Sachs, Eddie Heywood, John Simmons, Shelly Manne. 2) Emmett Berry Five: Emmett Berry, Dave Rivera, Milt Hinton, J.C. Heard. 3) Hank D



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