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Don Bolo is an instrumental and experimental fusion band from Quito, Ecuador. Born as a street band in 2015, we have recorded an EP in 2017 and a LP called “El Principio del Fin” in november 2018. Don Bolo experiments with different sounds and music styles to create what we call Criminal Punk Jazz. Sometimes as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet or even as a sextet Don Bolo never plays the same way and never sounds the same, every time is a different experience. Sometimes more jazz than punk, sometimes more punk than jazz, sometimes hip hop or funk and sometimes even noise. Now we are currently working on our second album, pushing our musical limits and creating new music for the future to come.

Don Bolo is:

Emilio Montenegro - Bass

José Hernandez - Drums

Luis Sigüenza - Saxophones

Daniel Gachet - Guitar

Tania Cortes - Synths



Albums by Don Bolo

Album El Principio del Fin by Don Bolo

El Principio del Fin

BlowJob Records

El Principio del Fin

El Principio del Fin

Don Bolo
El Principio del Fin


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